Stenches: A Zombie Tale of Trenches

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Stenches: A Zombie Tale of Trenches

Příspěvek od vasek76 » 10 led 2011 16:40

Stenches: A Zombie Tale of Trenches 1.0.1 iPhone iPad and iP


Now on sale 50% off to celebrate Apple featuring us as Game of the Week!

Deploy to the Trenches once again to take on a new and more deadly foe, the Zombie Horde. Lead your British Royal Expeditionary army as the last stand in Western Europe during the Great War and prove yourself as a true hero. Do you have what it takes to defeat the Armies of the Hundead or will you fail and join their ranks?

*New Update is approved that improves performance and removes unexpected bugs!

Press Reviews:

Apple, Game of the Week - "Use your armies to send the walking dead back to their graves in this week's selection, a zombie battler that plays every bit as good as it looks"

TUAW - "Unique Twist on real time strategy. Great game -- definitely check it out."

Touch Arcade - "A deep-enough weapons upgrade system and the inclusion of enemies with odd weaknesses to said upgrades fleshed out the game, which quickly became a favorite of mine. "

SlideToPlay - "Good variety of enemies; great graphics, and a successful mix of genres "

AppSmile - "Replay value is very good, as little changes in strategy can have significantly different outcomes. Honing your strategy can be quite addictive."

Stenches is the sequel to Trenches infamous Zombie Horde mode, but the fight isn’t over yet! Pick up where Trenches left off as the Zombie Horde makes a grand appearance in an attempt to take over all of Western Europe. (That's what we call deadication!) Take on the role of the British Commander once again and drive back the Zombie Horde!

Stenches packs countless hours (maybe even days!) of zombie-filled, carnage-laden mayhem. Punish wave after wave of brain thirsty zombie horde and bosses.

They've come for your brains ... drive them back to the hole that spawned them!


√ Over 200 Wave Levels across Four Beautifully Constructed, Artful Maps
√ Unlimited Distance Mode
√ Unique and Nasty Zombie Bosses Each with their own Special Devious Ability Bent on your Destruction
√ Original Voice Acting
√ Epic Original Musical Composition
√ Riveting World Class Art
√ Captivating "Pick-up and Play" or "Stay and Play" Gaming
√ More Cowbell than Legally Allowed in Seven Countries
√ Listen to your own music


Future Updates will include:
• Multiplayer with Competitive AND Cooperative ... you control the zombie horde!
• New Zombie Bosses
• More Game Modes
• Any other freakishly nasty thing the players think up

What's new in Version 1.0.1
Stenches v1.0.1 hotfix is out ... and it's more than a bug fix!

Here's what's in it:

- Many lil' bugs fixes as reported by the players

- Performance optimization and enhancements ... better performance on older devices

- Easy is a bit ... er ... easier. Lightning shouldn't wipe out your whole bunker, zombies are more prone to death, etc.

As always ... it's your five star reviews that allow us to keep doing what we do.

Thanks so much to our faithful players! We do it for the love!

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