Microsoft Windows Mobile 2005 for AXIM X50,X50v

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Microsoft Windows Mobile 2005 for AXIM X50,X50v

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 07, 2006 4:57 pm Post subject: Microsoft Windows Mobile 2005 for AXIM X50,X50v
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Microsoft Windows Mobile 2005 for AXIM X50,X50v

Windows Mobile 2005 offers hardware makers more flexibility and mobile operators more ways to customize devices, allowing for a wider range of devices, according to Mcft. For example, the operating system supports more buttons, landscape display and QWERTY keyboards that will let users control the device in one hand.

Additions in network support include support for more high-speed networks, the addition of wireless LAN in Windows Mobile for Smartphones and support for push-to-talk, Mcft said.

For entertainment, Mcft announced Windows Media Player 10 Mobile. The media player software supports Mcft's digital rights management technologies, which lets users play music bought in online stores and view TV shows recorded on Media Center PCs on their mobile devices.

For work, Mcft has updated the mobile versions of Excel and Word and announced a mobile version of PowerPoint. Another feature that may appeal to enterprise users is for support encryption over a VPN (virtual private network) connection. Other security features in Windows Mobile 2005 include Bluetooth authorization, Mcft said.

Summary of new features:

New mobile versions of Word Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile Viewer, and Excel Mobile.
Improved one-handed navigation so you don't have to use a stylus.
A new camera API that'll make it easier for developers to write apps that use a device's built-in camera.

ActiveSync 4.0.
Better WiFi support for Smartphones.
Support for push-to-talk and video calling.
Improved Bluetooth (e.g. ability to use ActiveSync over Bluetooth with multiple PCs).
Support for "persistent memory," which means that you won't lose all your data when your battery dies (a feature the Treo 650 and several other Palms already have).
Also if you use TomTom the new patch for TomTom now supports Windows Mobile 5.

Windowz Mobile 2005 - includes ActiveSync 4

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