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Spb GPRS Monitor 2.4

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Spb GPRS Monitor 2.4

Spb GPRS Monitor is a complete solution for measuring the amounts of data transfers via your GPRS, CDMA or GSM network connection and calculating network usage costs. Spb GPRS Monitor monitors all data transfers you perform and calculates the cost of your GPRS usage taking into account your service plan details: inclusive data amount, data block size. etc.



* Integration with Spb Pocket Plus
* VGA-resolution display support
* Taskbar icon that shows GPRS connection speed, and other indicators
* Pop-up window that shows all GPRS information
* Warning notifications on daily/monthly traffic limits
* Detailed connection usage and cost charts
* Detailed text reports of your connection usage and cost
* Export to CSV for use with Microsoft® Excel and Access
* 200+ pre-defined service plans
* Today plug-in that shows GPRS speed and other statistics
* Skin format interface

Taskbar Icon

This is an informational pop-up window of Spb GPRS Monitor that gives you valuable information about your current data connection: data amount transferred today/this week/this month and its cost; current data block usage percentage; current connection speed; monthly/daily inclusive used (if your rate plan provides it). There's also a battery power indicator along with a backlight control here that let you maintain your device's power.

Taskbar icon options

Spb GPRS Monitor taskbar icon is fully customizable - it can show any 3 of the following bars:

* Speed
* Block usage
* Day traffic
* Session traffic
* Month traffic
* Battery
* Speed

And you can choose settings for each icon.

Pop-up Window

This is where you can tweak settings that specify the appearance of pop-up windows. Here you can select a time period, for which the pop-up window displays data.

Today Plug-in

The Today plug-in shows your connection statistics, battery power, allows you to adjust screen backlight brightness and provides one-click connect/disconnect functionality. It also acts as main GPRS Monitor application launcher.

Traffic limit warning notifications

GPRS Monitor can notify you when you are about to exceed one of fixed traffic limits. There are warnings for both daily and monthly limits.

Traffic Limit Notification

You can fully customize the traffic limit warning notifications. You can choose up to three daily warning levels and up to three monthly warning levels. Every traffic limit can be defined as a certain data amount (MB) or as percentage of total inclusive.


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